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  Meeting Minutes




 The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m., at The Peppermill Restaurant, Aloha, OR, by Monte Glud, President .


Present:                 Monte Glud, President                        Robert Douglas, Vice President

                             John Imlay, Editor                               Joe Santana

                             Elaine Glud, Secretary                         Joe Munsch

                             Howard Freedman                              Gary & Jackie Martin

                             George & Susie Choban                     Tom Taylor

                             Frankie Douglas                                  Ron Wilson (guest)

                            Judy Ellwein (guest)

No Packards were driven to the meeting this evening


Secretary’s report: The reading of minutes of the last meeting held September 12, 2017, were dispensed with after motion and approval by the members. .


Judy, who is new to the Club, mentioned she has a 1952 Clipper, black in color, which is not running. It has been in the family since it was new, but has been sitting for 30 years.


Ron, who is new to the Club, has a 1934 Super 8 Packard.


Howard gave information on the Club dues, the website, and will mail each of the guests a Clipper publication and a copy of the Roster.


Treasurer’s report: The balance is $3,862.6 , which will soon be reduced by $475 to pay for the Clipper publication.


On Saturday, November 4, 2017, at 10:30 am, the World of Speed is putting on an event and lecture. Gary Medley, son of Tom Medley, will be speaking & presenting a documentary showing some original art work, including cartoon character Stroker McGurk, of his father, who was a cartoonist. Tom, who is now deceased, was the former 1948 Hot Rod Magazine Humor Editor. Call Katy Williams at World of Speed, 503-563-6450 for further information.


The annual holiday dinner is scheduled for Sunday, December 3, 2017, 5:00 pm, at the Stockpot Restaurant. We need 25 people to keep the venue. Invitations will be forthcoming in November.


Robert is looking into a new meeting place in Multnomah, which is centrally located & less traffic to drive there, in the hopes that more people will attend the meetings. This, of course, will be voted on by the Club.

The Pumpkin Tour Car Collection pictures were shown by John. The collection was unique and we were able to tour 3 buildings. We are invited back to tour the 4th building, which was closed for renovation.


Election of officers will be conducted in November.


George is 87 years old and still restoring cars. He is working on a 1937 Sedan and a 1938.


The meeting adjourned at 7:53 pm. Submitted by: Elaine Glud, Secretary