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  Meeting Minutes




November 10, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 6:54 p.m., at The Peppermill Restaurant, Aloha, OR, by Robert Douglas, Vice President .

Present: Robert Douglas, Vice President       Monte Glud, President

              John Imlay, Editor                            Howard Freedman, Treasurer

               Elaine Glud, Secretary                    Stan & Beverly Richards

               Matt & Karla Hackney                    Dennis Armstrong

               George & Susie Choban                  Wade & Patsy Miller

               Frankie Douglas                              Dave McCready

               Evelyn Freedman                             Jeremy Wilson

Packards driven to the meeting this evening: Robert & Frankie Douglas and Dennis Armstrong


Secretary’s report: Elaine said all Packard Club minutes are sent to George Potter, who sends them to the Packard Club website and emails them to the members.


Treasurer’s report: Howard said he would email the balance in the Club’s account to Elaine. Howard by, telephone, gave the Club’s balance as of 12/3/15: $6,896.71.


Editor’s report: John said The Clipper format has been changed; Matt needs to have his page ready by 12/1/15; and articles for the January Clipper would be appreciated. Future Clipper printing of the publications will be handled by Richard Petrosino in California as he is more economical. Classic Car


Sunshine report: Evelyn said no one has been sick recently. George Riehl is doing much better.


Membership report: no new members, but part way through the meeting a new member was welcomed: Dennis Armstrong

Social Activities: Howard reported three Packard tents were missing at the Hershey meeting this year. Howard requested sending in your reservations asap for the Christmas party at the Stockpot Restaurant..


Other: The owner of Yesterday’s Radios is retiring in a couple of years.


Tour report: The Pumpkin Tour was a great success and Cameron McCready was a good navigator.


Classic Car report: The 2016 calendar should be ready the middle of November, at which time the Executive Committee will meet to coordinate the Packard Club and Classic Car calendars.


Matt had called Ralph Murano regarding the stamped numbers on the firewall of his and Bill’s Caribbean Packards for clarification. The numbers stamped on the firewall are still a conflicting mystery.


Howard reiterated how to obtain titles to vehicles which are not titled and have no paperwork. See Howard for details on the procedure.


Howard mentioned that Hershey had 8,000 swap meet booths, there were about 500 cars, and the auction was fun, especially the sale of the 1927 Austin rumble seat coupe selling for $25,000.


John reported he can make data plates for $12.00 each.


George’s new project is finishing up a 1942 Ford truck, Model B.


Howard presented the program with Jeremy’s help: A video of a Salesman’s Kit for a 1932 Pierce Arrow was viewed, which was very interesting and enlightening. The Packard Salesman’s Kit video was fuzzy, so it was not shown.


The meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

                                                  Submitted by Elaine Glud, Secretary