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Past Membership meeting minutes



February 14, 2017 The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m., at The Peppermill Restaurant, Aloha, OR, by Monte Glud, President .

Present: Monte Glud, President Joe Santana & Molly (daughter) John Imlay, Editor

Howard Freedman, Treasurer

Elaine Glud, Secretary

Stan & Beverly Richards Matt & Karla Hackney Tom Taylor George & Susie Choban Wade & Patsy Miller Dave McCready Margy Imlay (for dinner only) Evelyn Freedman

Packards driven to the meeting this evening: None

Since it is Valentine’s Day, Howard and Matt provided the attending ladies in the Club with a red rose and a sweet treat. Beverly provided cupcakes she had made.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

The last meeting of the membership was held in November. December was the dinner banquet and the January, 2017, was cancelled due to bad weather.

Secretary’s report: The minutes of the last meeting held in November, 2016 were not read, as they are on the website for all to read.

The minutes taken by Howard, Secretary pro-tem, were approved as posted.

Treasurer’s report: Howard said he would email the balance in the Club’s account to Elaine, which he did and the balance is: $5,297.52. Howard reported most dues have been received and Matt was calling and checking on those who had not paid.

Editor’s report: John said The Clipper would be out the end of March. Wade provided an article about his early 50's Packard and John asked for pictures of the Packard. John is traveling to New Jersey to visit with his father and to meet with Ralph Marano, for an interview and car pictures.

The Packards of Oregon face book page is up and running, so check it out, “like” it and spread the word. Howard said George Potter would like pictures of members’ cars either by mail or download. If you don’t want your name mentioned, let him know this also. Non-Packards are listed in a separate area of the website. Howard said he had renewed the State of Oregon corporate license for the Club. He reported the CCCA Sweetheart Brunch at Multnomah Falls was a nice event, especially since the weather cooperated.

George Campbell and George Riehl, who is doing much better, meet weekly for a meal. It was suggested that visits by Club members would be most appreciated.