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   Minutes of Packards of Oregon


The meeting was called to order at 6:45 p.m., at The Peppermill Restaurant, Aloha, OR, by Robert Douglas, Vice President .

Present:  Monte Glud, President

               Bob Douglas, Vice President

              John Imlay, Editor

              Howard Freedman,

             Treasurer Elaine Glud,

              Secretary Chris Cataldo

              Matt Hackney Tom Taylor

              George & Susie    Choban

              Wade & Patsy Miller

              Dave McCready Joe


              Evelyn Freedman

               Frankie Douglas

               Joe Munsch

               Ken Krolikoski


Packards driven to the meeting this evening: None


Secretary’s report: The reading of minutes of the last meeting held February 14, 2017, were dispensed with after motion and approval by the members. Elaine had corrected the spelling of Ralph Marano’s name in last month’s minutes.


Treasurer’s report: The balance is: $5,442.52. Howard said the Roster is scheduled for publication and would be mailed out at the end of the week.


Editor’s report: The Clipper would be ready to publish at the end of March.


Tour Master Report: The Oregon Gardens Tour is scheduled for April and is an overnighter.

Robert handed out registration forms for the West Coast Packards

Tour to Ferndale/Eureka, California, area, which is scheduled for May 19-20, 2017. The deadline for registration is May 1, 2017.

The Mercedes Club has scheduled a tour to Skamania Lodge. No date was mentioned.

George said his 1938 would be painted black by April 2017, and mentioned some personal health issues at his age. He also mentioned that it is wise to be careful in buying vintage cars for investment because their value is going down with lack of interest.

Matt said the high end cars are still desirable, though. Joe mentioned the Orenco Station Business Association would like to put on a cruise-in, if there is interest, in a weekend in August, 2017, for classic and Packard cars. The City of Hillsboro would help with the event.

Matt mentioned that Bob Newlands had surgery and was recovering. He also said he was closer in his research to his Caribbean prototype status.

Leon Dixon’s book is good: Creative Industries of Detroit: The Untold Story of Detroit’s Secret Concept Car Builder, which is available on


The meeting adjourned and John, who visited Ralph Marano and toured his 4 buildings of cars in New Jersey, including 60 Packards, presented a slide show of Marano’s stunning collection. The cars were restored with perfection. Marano started his vehicle career with Sears, installing trucks many years ago. Submitted by Elaine Glud, Secretary