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September 12, 2017


The meeting was called to order at 6:50 p.m., at The Peppermill Restaurant, Aloha, OR, by Robert Douglas, Co-Director.


Present:           Robert Douglas, Co-Director                          John Imlay, Editor

                        Joe Santana, Co-Editor                                   Matt Hackney

Wade & Patsy Miller                                      Dave McCready

Frankie Douglas                                              Tim & Christina Dickhaus

Joe Munsch                                                     Howard Freedman

George & Susie Choban                                 Tom Taylor

Stan & Beverly Richards                                Dave Charvet

Bill Price


Packards driven to the meeting: Robert & Frankie Douglas, Joe Munsch, Matt Hackney, Bill Price and John Imlay.


Secretary’s report:   The reading of minutes of the last meeting held August 8, 2017, were dispensed with after motion and approval by the members.


Treasurer’s report:  The balance is $3,857.68. There are no outstanding debts at this time and The Clipper charges will hit later this month.


Editor’s Report:  John gave an update on progress for the next issue which should be to the printer at the end of September.  John asked that Mr. Douglas please submit his Director’s message soon.


Tour Report:  Matt indicated that the next tour, our annual Pumpkin Tour, will be held on Saturday, October 7th.  Although Matt has not selected a destination yet, it will be a one-day tour which will depart Portland at 9:00 AM.  Howard suggested that a more “central” starting point be determined.


Old/New Business:  John indicated that our potential new member, Ronald Wilson, was unable to make the meeting due to a business trip to San Francisco.  Ronald owns a beautiful 1934 Packard Standard Eight Coupe and may be out for next month’s meeting.  Dave Charvet met Ronald as well at the LO car show and said the car had been bought at a Barrett-Jackson auction.


Joe Munsch brought a few versions of newsletters from other clubs and indicated that he thought the Clipper was an excellent publication and equaled or surpassed the others.  John mentioned that the Clipper had won the 2016 Snodgrass Award from PAC for “Continuing Excellence.”  No notice was given of the award, it just showed up in the mail.


Howard informed the group that the annual Holiday Dinner would be held at the Stockpot on Sunday, December 7th.  He asked John to make sure it got on the website calendar.


Elder Statesman George Choban regaled the group with a few comments:  He has been working on his 37 and 38 Packards, but he has lost some interest in working on them and has had to force himself to get out there and do it.  He also had a lot of good advice for removing and replacing valve guides as well as a good place to buy valve guide tools – Woodward Equipment Co.  They were very nice people and even gave him a discount when he asked. 


George also said that he and Suzie often go out to the garage just to look at his MG!  He’s afraid to drive it, but it gives them both great joy.  He say’s ti’s the best money he’s ever spent on a car!  Someone asked if he intended to start a museum of his cars, but he said no that it would unnecessarily expose him and the cars.


George ended with a few quotes from Socrates –

            “I know that I don’t know.”

And, after Socrates wife had thrown a dishcloth in his face for some comments he’d made – “After the thunder, comes the rain.”


On a more serious note, Robert Douglas reminded the crowd that Officer elections were coming up in November.  He indicated that many had volunteered more than once and had served.  He urged others to ante up because he’s done.


Beverly asked if the club would consider meeting at the Stanford’s at Hwy 217 and I-5 instead of the Peppermill.  She said it was a good, central, more easily accessed location and Stanford’s said they’d love to have us.  Dave C. stated that the owner is a car guy and supports the LO car show each year.  Discussion ensued with questions about the facility, amenities, parking etc.  Beverly said “someone” should go check it out.


Howard presented a slide show of pictures that Bill Jabs had taken at the ACD car show in Auburn, IN last month while Mr. Charvet lent his sonorous basso as narrator.  Highlights included the Auburn Hotel, owned by Rodger Eddy, many Auburns, Cords and Duesenbergs, and a parade.  Great show!  Howard ended by letting everyone know that the device used to present the show was available to anyone in the club who has a presentation.


The meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm. After the meeting, several of the members discussed various issues.


Submitted by:

John Imlay, Clipper Editor